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50.000 Brazilian Street Kids Now Have a Job and a Future Thanks to This Project

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Today I want to tell you the story of a normal person, who did something extraordinary. He had the courage to face the most terrible violence and fight it.

He’s not a super hero, but a man who decided to make a difference, when all the world around him did everything possible to make him change his mind.

The 10 minutes you’ll spend reading the story of Father Renato Chiera will be the best spent of your day.

I know you’re busy, but believe me if I tell you that some persons can change our lives forever. They have the power to push us doing something important, even if we thought we couldn’t make it.

Maybe you already know Father Renato and the Casa do Menor he founded in Brazil 32 years ago. You’ve probably heard about it, because it’s one of the projects that the Angelo Affinita Foundation has sustained for years.

What you don’t know yet is the anguish of a Catholic priest who found himself thrown in a hell on Earth: the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

Father Renato came to Brazil in 1978, upon request of the bishop of Mondovì. What he saw left him speechless.

He had never seen death in the corners of the streets before, and so many desperate people destroyed by drugs. So many abandoned street children, hungry and forced to sell themselves to survive.

So he decided to do something crazy:

I put a loudspeaker on my car and drove around saying that I was a catholic priest and I was ready to take care of them.

The first to answer was Carlos, a drug addict young boy whom Father Renato welcomed in the rectory and helped making him feel loved.

But one night, coming back home, Father Renato found him dead: the death squad had shot him. In the following days a real carnage took place. 35 kids were shot dead by the criminals, who also threatened to kill Father Renato.

The bishop had been kidnapped. I was alone in a parish of 150 thousand people. A boy came to me shouting: “I’m on the list of those they want to kill, help me! Why don’t you do something? Here nobody does anything!”

From this cry came the strength of Father Renato, and the project to build a shelter house to welcome street kids and children.

Thanks to the help of many persons, Father Renato gave life to the Casa do Menor which, from a very small room in the parish, in the last 32 years has become a presence in five states in Brazil and is now led by 150 operators.

The activity of social rehabilitation, made through education and professional training, helped more than 50.000 kids finding a job and saved 15.000 meninos de rua from a certain death.

Why? Which are the reasons that made Casa do Menor reach such incredible results?

  1. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: Casa do Menor helps young people build their future with their own hands, through professional training and support in the research of a job
  2. EDUCATION: the association welcomes street children and help them growing up through scholarly education, play and education activities
  3. REHABILITATION PROGRAMS: many kids are drug addicts, therefore Casa do Menor organizes rehabilitation programs, both physical and psychological, to help them fighting addiction

The Angelo Affinita Foundation and the businessmen who support Casa do Menor saw the great value of this association. It’s a real home, which helps young people growing up and gives them the means through which they can build their own future.

All this with great love because, as Father Renato says, “their greatest cry is not that of being poor, but of not being sons. Beings sons means feeling loved”.

Thanks to the contribution of many businessmen, the Affinita Foundation could:

  • support the professional training courses in Fortaleza and Miguel Couto
  • buy machines for the artisanal workshop in Fortaleza
  • build a new center in Igarassu, “Casa Angelo”
  • support the project “Operazione Speranza” for the rehabilitation of drug addicts

If you donate your contribution to support Casa do Menor and the work of Father Renato you’ll make a great step to help children and young people of the Brazilian favelas in a real way.

It’s not helping for its own sake, but a real possibility of rebirth and social redemption that YOU can donate today, right now, without hesitation.

For many kids, Casa do Menor represents the only hope to escape the hell where they were born and to do something to change it, tomorrow.

Supporting Casa do Menor with the Angelo Affinita Foundation means this: giving to Brazilian children the chance to grow up and become happy people, with a job, a family, with the means with which make their society better.

Yours is an important act, which asks for courage and determination.

Donate today and fill your heart with the JOY OF DONATING.

Angelo Affinita used to say: “A single person can make a difference”.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make a difference? CLICK HERE.

A web page will open so you can give your decisive contribution to the projects of the Foundation and choose how to help us through a free-will donation or buying the book dedicated to Angelo.

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