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Fondazione Angelo Affinita

How can you help others in entrepreneurial style? Discover how the Angelo Affinita Foundation revolutionised the way to do charity work by creating a large family of solidarity-practising entrepreneurs

The Angelo Affinita Foundation revolutionised the way to do charity work by helping children and young people get back on their feet and build a future for themselves. And it did so by creating a large family of entrepreneurs who are ready to do their best to change the lives of these young people in…

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“Through love and passion, you obtain astounding results” Rosanna De Lucia is awarded the Cavaliere del Lavoro title

Rosanna De Lucia was awarded the Cavaliere del Lavoro[1] title, thanks to her entrepreneurial, human and philanthropic achievements. This acknowledgement was also the result of the activities of the Angelo Affinita Foundation, which offers concrete opportunities to young people facing social and economic difficulties.  It shows that the path we’re going down is the good…

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How to grow your business while helping the children of Scampia, Naples, find their smile back

Did you know that solidarity can help your business grow? Discover how many entrepreneurs like you contributed to a better future by creating networks and helping the children of Scampia, Naples Scampia is a district of Naples, do you know what it is mainly associated with? Very frequently with tall, grey and abandoned buildings, where degradation…

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“Saving Children Means Saving the Present and Future of Humanity”: Father Renato’s Struggle Against The Violence of Brazil Continues (And You Can Decide Who Will Win!)

Each one of us lives by one’s own rules and motto. Surely, you have yours too. A motto that inspires you and leads you to the right direction to follow, both in your family and work. For instance. If you’re a businessman, maybe your motto is “always do your best and don’t give up”. This…

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