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BENEVENTO FLOOD 10 computers and 10 reasons to go out together FUORIDALFANGO - Angelo Affinita Foundation

[BENEVENTO FLOOD] 10 computers and 10 reasons to go out together #FUORIDALFANGO

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As you well know, last October bad weather hit Benevento badly, with flooding and mudslides. Among the damage, there remain many problems to resolve, many people who are still living in difficulty because of the situation. We can and must intervene with a clear mind and with a spirit of solidarity, together.

The Benevento Dioceses Charity has distinguished itself in these days for its quick and efficient intervention, be it for the creation of emergency funding or be it the organization of projects destined to offer concrete help. An example for everyone, an example to follow also for our ONLUS.

The Angelo Affinita Foundation has, in fact, decided to finance in part the project #FUORIDALFANGO, the initiative by Benevento Charity is destined to help those hurt materially by the events of last month. In detail, our contribution falls right in line with our mission that has always characterized us: support for infancy and youth in difficulty.

We are providing 10 computers for families with children who lost one in the flooding. There are 10 portable computers with a total value of € 4636,00.

The beneficiaries will be chosen by the charity and communicated to our Foundation; pthey can pick up their computers going directly to Exus Informatica managed by Mercuri Massimo, in via Ruffilli 18 in Benevento. It is mandatory to show proper identification and the charity authorization.

The computer is an indispensible object, we all know it, it’s an essential instrument for the training of our young people. But some young people no longer have one and their parents don’t have the means to buy a new one.

Help them: make a donation.

Giovanni Affinita

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