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Foundation Supporters | Angelo Affinita Foundation
  • The First Foundation For Business People That Helps Young People And Children In Difficulty Through Work And Education

Foundation Supporters

How can you help others in entrepreneurial style? Discover how the Angelo Affinita Foundation revolutionised the way to do charity work by creating a large family of solidarity-practising entrepreneurs

The Angelo Affinita Foundation revolutionised the way to do charity work by helping children and young people get back on their feet and build a future for themselves. And it did so by creating a large family of entrepreneurs who are ready to do their best to change the lives of these young people in…

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Do you want to be an illuminated entrepreneur?

Just open your paper, look up on Google, talk about the Italian situation with your friends after a long working day. You will soon realize that being an entrepreneur, today, for many people it implies being a conman or a profiteer. Let’s be clear: this is maybe the most despised job in the country (and…

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What happens to a company that puts man at the center of everything? Listen to these testimonies of how their work lives changed…

  Today, I’d like you to reflect on a motto that we feel strongly about at the Angelo Affinita Foundation. There are words that can move mountains, that become more than empty promises, that become prospective. That’s why I like to repeat frequently the motto by the man who inspired the creation of this foundation,…

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[PHOTO] Charity Gala 2016

We do good and we talk about it too. It’s the right thing to do to give visible witness of the good you do for your neighbor, so that the people beside you can be inspired from the example and do good in turn. We can be multipliers of good. The Charity Gala was developed…

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