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Inspired Entrepreneurs | Angelo Affinita Foundation
  • The First Foundation For Business People That Helps Young People And Children In Difficulty Through Work And Education

Inspired Entrepreneurs

How can you help others in entrepreneurial style? Discover how the Angelo Affinita Foundation revolutionised the way to do charity work by creating a large family of solidarity-practising entrepreneurs

The Angelo Affinita Foundation revolutionised the way to do charity work by helping children and young people get back on their feet and build a future for themselves. And it did so by creating a large family of entrepreneurs who are ready to do their best to change the lives of these young people in…

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“Through love and passion, you obtain astounding results” Rosanna De Lucia is awarded the Cavaliere del Lavoro title

Rosanna De Lucia was awarded the Cavaliere del Lavoro[1] title, thanks to her entrepreneurial, human and philanthropic achievements. This acknowledgement was also the result of the activities of the Angelo Affinita Foundation, which offers concrete opportunities to young people facing social and economic difficulties.  It shows that the path we’re going down is the good…

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No Need For Heroes To Change the World! Read This and Find Out How You Can Help Thousands of People in Distress and Lead Your Business into the Future

Roger Federer won. You’ve read this sentence on every newspaper, after the eighth victory of this great champion at Wimbledon. Federer has created a sensation in the history of tennis and he will certainly be remembered as one of the most talented players of this sport. But I appreciate him even more for something that…

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Achieve true happiness with a B&B

The Sanità is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Naples. Over the years, it’s been the scene of bad humanity. Or maybe not? Can humanity be bad?  Some time ago, I had a meeting with the Riva Foundation, about their project in Naples: an amazing B&B, run by some very young people from the Sanità…

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Why kindness will save the world (and your company)

Why is it so important to be kind to others? Somebody still believes in kindness. We do, alongside the many people who still believe in certain values. Let me tell you why with this story. One of those people is definitely Cristina Milani, the Swiss 50-year-old vice president of the World Kindness Movement, founded in…

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Do you want to be an illuminated entrepreneur?

Just open your paper, look up on Google, talk about the Italian situation with your friends after a long working day. You will soon realize that being an entrepreneur, today, for many people it implies being a conman or a profiteer. Let’s be clear: this is maybe the most despised job in the country (and…

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The method of the illuminated entrepreneur to improve your company’s turnover exponentially, by welcoming cancer sufferers and mentally disabled people without firing anyone

Efforts always go through. You can learn it too, now that I tell you that the efforts we make are always successful. Everybody’s efforts, of all those who strongly believe in something, who have a blind faith. Making their story worth telling as it deserves. This is true for Marco Bartoletti and his company, BB…

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