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Casa di Rut | Angelo Affinita Foundation
  • The First Foundation For Business People That Helps Young People And Children In Difficulty Through Work And Education

Casa di Rut

A Few Days Left to Make a Little Miracle and Save the Lives of Young Migrant Women Victims of Human Trafficking

Last 25th November was the International Day against violence against women. This day has not been chosen at random. The same day of 1960, three sisters from Santo Domingo – Patria, Minerva and Maria Mirabal – were captured by the militia of Rafael Trujillo, the dictator who has ruled The Dominican Republic for 30 years.…

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How You Can Help Young Migrants Victims of Abuses To Repair Their Lives Thanks to a Very Special Course…

Great news at the Cooperativa NewHope! Thanks to the support of smart businessmen, who believe in the Angelo Affinita Foundation and in the projects it sustains, the young migrant women of the Cooperativa NewHope could fulfill a dream. Any clue? It includes professionals in the field, an opportunity of career development and many, many meters…

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Trafficking of Nigerian Girls in Italy: The Investigation of The New Yorker on the Victims of Smugglers

Last 10 April, the New Yorker published Ben Taub’s journalistic investigation on a hot topic: the trafficking of Nigerian girls in Italy. The same article has been translated and published on number 1221 of Internazionale magazine, and that’s how I knew about it. The headline reads: “Blessing’s story”, and suddenly I think about the migrant…

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Awarded By the President of the Chamber of Deputies Laura Boldrini the “Weavers of New Hopes” of Casa Rut and the Cooperativa NewHope

Once upon a time there was a little woman, brave as a lioness. She arrived in Caserta in 1995, and she discovered a territory held hostage by unemployment, camorra, environmental degradation and several illegal activities. One of which was sex slaves trafficking. One street shocked her in particular: the Domiziana Street in Castel Volturno. This…

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If You Want to Combat Waste and You Believe in the Green Economy, Read This: You Have the Chance To Do Something Unique

Some days ago a new and unique shopping mall was inaugurated in Stockholm. The ReTuna Recycling Gallery is a mall with 14 shops and an organic, farm-to-table restaurant, where they only sell recycled products. Clothes, objects, furniture, but also computers and electronic devices are beautifully shown in this space, a wonderful homage to the green…

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