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Creattiva | Angelo Affinita Foundation
  • The First Foundation For Business People That Helps Young People And Children In Difficulty Through Work And Education


Thanks to This Project, Now The Young Inmates of the Airola Juvenile Prison Have A Future (But It Seemed Impossible)

A few days ago I read about a great event that took place last 18th December, in nine Italian prisons. “L’ALTrA cucina…per un pranzo d’amore” is a project born four years ago from the collaboration among Prison Fellowship Italy, Rinnovamento nello Spirito and Fondazione Alleanza. It’s a lunch cooked by starred chefs and served to…

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Find Out What We Did Thanks To Your Donation!

It’s November, school started two months ago and it’s the moment when people take stock of the work done so far. I’m not talking about the school where your children or grandchildren go. The school with desks lined up, parent-teacher conference meetings and exams. The school of “help mum, I haven’t studied for the oral…

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[Thanks to you!] An amazing achievement: young prisoners graduate as professional pizza makers, for a future of hope and work

Some young people of the Airola juvenile holding facility graduated as professional pizza makers in prison: a project supported by the Angelo Affinita Foundation culminated in the graduation and a pizza dinner on Thursday, December 22. You may not believe it, but this is unprecedented. It’s succeeding beyond our most optimistic projections. And it goes…

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The method of the illuminated entrepreneur to improve your company’s turnover exponentially, by welcoming cancer sufferers and mentally disabled people without firing anyone

Efforts always go through. You can learn it too, now that I tell you that the efforts we make are always successful. Everybody’s efforts, of all those who strongly believe in something, who have a blind faith. Making their story worth telling as it deserves. This is true for Marco Bartoletti and his company, BB…

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