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Father Renato: “We Already Have The Power We Need Inside Ourselves”

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Cover photo: Facebook page Casa do Menor


What are dreams to you?

It’s not an easy question.

If you think about it, you’ll realize that we are used to see dreams as something unattainable.

“I wish I could travel to Polynesia for a month. But it’s a dream!”

“How great it would be if my business became a world leader!” “Don’t dream! Put your feet back on the ground!”

How many times did you hear similar words?

Dreams escape us, because we think they are impossible to fulfill. Therefore, we stop dreaming.

It can happen: we surrender to a reality we don’t like and that we think we can’t change.

I’m talking to you about dreams for a specific reason.

Some days ago I read the new book written by Father Renato Chiera who, since 1978, has lived in Brazil and taken care of street children and the young victims of drug addiction.

In his book, titled Provocatore di sogni, Father Renato wrote something that really stroke a chord in me:

“Life is the slow and hard fulfillment of our childhood dreams. We are our dreams. We don’t need magic to change the world. We already have the power we need inside of ourselves. We have the power to imagine things better than what they truly are. Dreams are serious: they represent our deepest hopes and the project that God has made for us. Dreams are our future need-to-be.”

For Father Renato, dreams are not impossible. They are the best part of us.

They represent our courage to imagine things “better than what they truly are”, and act in accordance to this to make it happen.

In the Brazilian favelas dreaming is not an easy task.

For more than 30 years, Father Renato has welcomed and taken care of street children and young people in the Casa do Menor, a beacon of hope for many who live on the margins of society.

Brazil is one of the most violent countries in the world.

The gang wars cause victims every day, and so does drug addiction, which deprives the people from the desire to live, to love and to be loved.

Many children live in the landfills, where they become easy preys for the human traffickers who lead the business of child prostitution.

Photo: Facebook page Casa do Menor

How can you have dreams when you live in such a hell?

How can you dream, when you have a direct experience of the suffering of the people who live in the cracklands of the cities, real neighbors of drug addicts.

Father Renato’s dream was answering to the cry for help of these people: the lost ones.

His answer has been the Casa do Menor, the starting point of the revolution of love which, in 30 years, has saved more than 100.000 children from death.

It’s great to think that also the donators of the Angelo Affinita Foundation are a part of this dream come true!

With to the support of many businessmen like you, the Affinita Foundation gave its contribution to the Casa Do Menor, which could then achieve these objectives:

  1. Professional courses for young people
  2. Machinery and equipment for the development of micro-enterprises
  3. The shelter house Casa Angelo in Miguel Couto
  4. A program of rehabilitation for former drug addicts called “Mission Hope”

Thanks to these initiatives, the lives of many children and young people have changed for good. Do you know why?

Because the Angelo Affinita Foundation invests in education, psychological help and the learning of the little ones. This is why so many businessmen decided to join this entrepreneurial foundation!

The Affinita Foundation supports projects which CREATE VALUE and invest in the TALENTS of the people. In their desire to fulfill their dreams.

So, I’m asking you: do you want to be part of the dream of Casa do Menor?

Do you want to roll up your sleeves and MAKE A DIFFERENCE, together with the Affinita Foundation?

Trust me: this is a choice that requires a lot of efforts and sacrifices, but it will fill your heart with an immense gift.


Become a donator of the Angelo Affinita Foundation!

You will have the opportunity to turn your hard work into a new life for many children in need of help. In fact, every cents of your donation will be allocated entirely to the project you mostly care about!

Angelo Affinita used to say: “A single person can make a difference”.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make a difference? CLICK HERE.

A web page will open so you can give your decisive contribution to the projects of the Foundation and choose how to help us through a free-will donation or buying the book dedicated to Angelo.

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