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How can you help others in entrepreneurial style? Discover how the Angelo Affinita Foundation revolutionised the way to do charity work by creating a large family of solidarity-practising entrepreneurs | Angelo Affinita Foundation
  • The First Foundation For Business People That Helps Young People And Children In Difficulty Through Work And Education

How can you help others in entrepreneurial style? Discover how the Angelo Affinita Foundation revolutionised the way to do charity work by creating a large family of solidarity-practising entrepreneurs

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The Angelo Affinita Foundation revolutionised the way to do charity work by helping children and young people get back on their feet and build a future for themselves. And it did so by creating a large family of entrepreneurs who are ready to do their best to change the lives of these young people in need. Discover how you can contribute to this great challenge completely for free

The times we are living in are certainly not easy. The challenges we face are manifold and while on the one hand we might experience that slight fear that one has before doing something new, on the other hand these challenges encourage us to do our best.

This very attitude characterises those who support the Angelo Affinita Foundation, the first foundation started by entrepreneurs to help children and young people in need by offering them work and training opportunities.

The Affinita Foundation aims at redefining charity, so that it does not equal “giving a man a fish” but rather so that it rests on entrepreneurial spirit and provides children and young people with concrete tools to express their talents, get back on their feet and come back to life.

This project is made possible by the support of many entrepreneurs like yourself. It is generous people who know what sacrifice is and who know what it is to have to overcome thousand obstacles to reach one’s objective.

And they pass this attitude on to their employees and colleagues and in so doing, they give them opportunities to improve themselves. Just like you also do.

Your contribution is very precious for us, and it is important for us to lead by example by doing our best as one large family. For this reason, Mrs Giovanna Binetti, Secretary General of the Foundation, visited all the SAPA Group plants in Northern Italy over the past weeks.

SAPA is the business of reference for the Foundation. Thanks to the support by SAPA, all the costs linked to the functioning of the Foundation are catered for, so that 100% of the money from donations goes towards the projects.

Mrs Binetti talked before the managers and the employees to explain why it is important to support the Affinita Foundation and showed the concrete results achieved so far and the work still lying ahead. She was welcomed with joy and enthusiasm.

Many people decided to give their support and took to heart the projects of the Foundation and the stories of the children whose lives we are changing, like the meninos helped by Father Renato, the scugnizzi[1] of the Scampia and the Rione Sanità districts in Naples and many more children in need of hope and of a concrete chance.

We are keen on involving our friends who work in companies that are part of the Group or of the chain, and we are also keen on involving anyone that considers it important to help others with an entrepreneurial style, that is by transferring skills and by offering a second chance.

At the present moment, if you file your tax return in Italy, you have the unique opportunity to give your contribution completely for FREE.

Exactly, because you can very easily donate your 5‰[2] to the Angelo Affinita Foundation, without having to give any extra money, since it is a tax that you are already paying. And it stays with the Italian government in case you don’t decide on a recipient, and in this case, you cannot know what this money will go towards.

Giving your help is easy: you can turn your tax return into an important act of solidarity by giving your 5‰ to the ANGELO AFFINITA FOUNDATION ONLUS.

In the tax return forms (CUD, 730 and Modello Unico) insert your signature and our tax identification number: 92 05 21 60 626 in the relevant box (“Choice of recipient for the 5‰ of the Irpef tax).

You can do it like this:

  1. Insert our tax identification number 92 05 21 60 626in the form attached to the CUD in the box in the top left corner and remember to sign it twice.
  2. For the 730 and in the Modello Unico forms you just need to notify our tax identification number 92 05 21 60 626 to the person filling in the form for you (accountant, relevant tax support office etc).

Donate your contribution to us and together we can build a better future!

Angelo Affinita always used to say, “It’s people that make the difference”.

Shall we try – TOGETHER – to make the difference? Please click here

Please do your part to help bring joy and hope back for the children of Scampia: give your contribution now.

Help us save many children from the street and discover how helping others can help your business grow.

[1] Naples dialect meaning “urchin, rascal, brat” [Translator’s note].

[2] Tax measure that allows taxpayers in Italy to allocate 5‰ of their personal income tax to bodies such as non-profit organisations, charities, social associations etc [Translator’s note].  

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