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How honest work can save young people from crack dependency - Angelo Affinita Foundation

How honest work can save young people from crack dependency

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Mauricio was born in a wealthy family in Rio de Janeiro. He grows up in a beautiful house and he is given every opportunity to be successful in life. He goes to school and he does well. Teachers say to his parents that his dedication will take him very far. He will certainly become a successful man.

Mauricio goes to the university and earns a degree in marketing. Then, two years ago, one day of July, his life stops. And hell begins.

Nowadays, Mauricio sleeps on a dirty mattress on the street. Now, his home is Crackland, in the quarter of Nova Holanda. More than 300 people live here, like Mauricio. They wander around among the garbage, like zombies, smoking crack. This drug causes the strongest mental and physical dependency. A dose costs a bit more than a dollar. In Rio de Janeiro there are 12 drug ghettos like this one.

Those who live in Crackland are seen as social waste. Disgusting objects to stay away from. It does not matter if they are children, teenagers or adults. Their lives do not have any importance for the state. And this lack of love is the reason that has brought Mauricio here.

The situation is very serious. It is a real social emergency out of control. There are 10-years-old children who suffer from hunger, abuse and crack dependency. To give them a possibility to survive, we all must do our best. And we need your help too!

I know you do not know where to start to stop this war. Such desperate situations seem impossible to solve. Maybe they also seem too far from your daily routine.

But it is only by fighting against social misery that we can make our world a better place. You can change Mauricio’s life if you help him. And in this way, he will be able to change other people’s lives for the better, in a positive, never-ending circle. Don’t you think this is a huge and wonderful accomplishment?

The plague of drug addiction is difficult to cure. But you can start from here: by sustaining the Casa do Menor run by Padre Renato.


Padre Renato has managed Casa do Menor for the last 30 years, always with the same passion. The pillars on which it stays are love, dedication and faith. In what? In the capacity of anyone to redeem himself. As a businessman, you know very well how important second chances are.

The Foundation Angelo Affinita has always believed in Casa do Menor. Thanks to learned businessmen like you, who supported the Foundation and Padre Renato, we had the opportunity to accomplish several projects:

  • children’s home service
  • long-distance adoptions
  • professional courses for young people (from hairdresser to mechanic, graphic designer and computer technician)
  • computer courses in the Fortaleza and Rosas dos Ventos centers
  • building construction and maintenance of the Igarassu centre
  • recreational workshops for children (theater, shows and dance)
  • sports events, like football competitions
  • stages for young people who must follow community service programs
  • health and psychological care for drug addicts

As you see, a lot has been done already. Every cent donated to the Foundation Angelo Affinita has turned into real and useful projects for the community.


But we need to do a lot more. Unfortunately the number of young people like Mauricio is increasing and Padre Renato cannot accommodate all of them in Casa do Menor.

The rehab programs from drug addiction are long and complicated. There is a strong need for incessant donations to carry on the projects and sustain these teenagers. Only in this way they could become autonomous persons. Free to build their own future.

Since you know the value of honest work, you can understand better than anyone else how important is to give them this opportunity. We need your help.

Mauricio can still become a happy and successful man. But he could not do that without Padre Renato’s help. WITHOUT YOUR HELP. He needs a second chance to redeem himself and give a sense to his life. By helping him, you can make it happen.

Thanks to you, the Foundation will be able to sustain Padre Renato’s projects. Hundreds of abandoned children and drug victims could become honest citizens, workers and happy persons. I know I am asking you a lot, but we do not have time! 

Mauricio needs you. He needs you to believe in him.

Angelo Affinita used to say: “A single person can make a difference”.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make a difference? CLICK HERE. A web page will open so you can give your decisive contribution to the projects of the Foundation and choose how to help us through a free-will donation or buying the book dedicated to Angelo Affinita.

If you are a businessman, there is also the opportunity to be contacted directly by the Foundation and find out how to grow your business by helping others.

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