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How This Project Will Help Your Business To Grow (And Open Up Your Heart to Hope)

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Today I want to tell you a story that won’t let you down.

If you’re looking for a strong emotion, something that can shake you, you’re in the right place.

Maybe it’s been a tough day at work, you have some problems to solve and you’re wondering which is the best way to build the future of your business.

Well, I think that Giulia’s story will be of great help.

Giulia is 36 years old, she arrived at the Cittadella Cielo of the Nuovi Orizzonti community eight years ago, after her father had died:

“I had a successful career, between Verona and Dubai, in the marketing field. But I was overwhelmed by toxic desires and surrounded by bad people”.

After years of addiction to drugs and alcohol, after a lot of solitude and a miserable life without love and dignity, Giulia became aware that she had reached the bottom and she was in hell.

A hell full of fleeting pleasures, cold money and fake relationships.

There are two possible conclusions to Giulia’s story.

One, the one that many will imagine, is an overdose. But the other conclusion is a helpful hand and a long healing path to cure the wounds of the heart.

Giulia had the chance to find the Nuovi Orizzonti community in her way.

A host community founded in the early ‘90s by Chiara Amirante, who answered God’s call to go on the streets and take care of what she calls “the people of the night”.

They are young people, drug-addicts, slaves of gambling and other forms of addiction. They are the victims of the many illnesses in which disadvantaged youth expresses itself, from eating disorders to chronic solitude, who wander aimlessly and lonely.

Among these people there was Giulia, who bravely decided to reassemble the pieces of her life and start anew.

Today she’s planning her wedding with Luca, a former drug-addict she met at the Cittadella Cielo in Frosinone.

After years of heroin addiction, many relapses and an overdose which brought him to the edge of death, Luca started a new life and he’s now painting the walls of the apartment where he’s going to live with Giulia.

It’s a great story, isn’t it?

Sure, but I bet you’re wondering: what am I doing with it?

Wait and you’ll see. First I want to tell you about the Cittadella Cielo.

The Cittadella Cielo is a solidary community where people like Giulia and Luca are welcomed and helped to start anew and find their dignity.

Here the hosts of the center live together with the volunteers, the spiritual guides and those who are members of the associations and cooperatives which collaborate with Nuovi Orizzonti.

The Cittadella is a beacon of hope for many young people who lost everything in their lives.

There are artistic and cultural workshops, but also many activities aimed at helping those in need of an opportunity to build their professional career, starting living again from step one: work.

Source of the image: Nuovi Orizzonti Facebook page


This is why the Angelo Affinita Foundation decided to support Nuovi Orizzonti and the project of this center.

The method of Chiara Amirante, based on the art of love and on the Gospel, aims at making people feel independent and loved, by giving them the means through which they can stand on their own feet.

Now you and the future of your business come into play.

Think about that: which is the best investment you can make to make it grow? Yes: talented young people.

If you give them the chance to grow and have access to a high-quality training you’ll guarantee the future development of your business.

This is why I’m asking you to support the Cittadella Cielo of Nuovi Orizzonti together with the Affinita Foundation.

People like Giulia and Luca deserve a second chance to value their talent and leave a positive mark in the world. Only if we create a lever for a communal growth we’ll be able to give a future to the economy of our country.

The Affinita Foundation is an entrepreneurial foundation. It means it supports projects which produce long lasting benefits and invest in the personal value of the people.

Many virtuous businessmen decided to join the family of the Affinita Foundation.


We need people like you to give a future to disadvantaged children and young people!

Believe me: it’s the best choice you can make, and it will fill your heart with hope and the JOY OF GIVING.

Angelo Affinita used to say: “A single person can make a difference”.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make a difference? CLICK HERE.

A web page will open so you can give your decisive contribution to the projects of the Foundation and choose how to help us through a free-will donation or buying the book dedicated to Angelo.


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