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If You Want to Combat Waste and You Believe in the Green Economy, Read This: You Have the Chance To Do Something Unique

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Some days ago a new and unique shopping mall was inaugurated in Stockholm.

The ReTuna Recycling Gallery is a mall with 14 shops and an organic, farm-to-table restaurant, where they only sell recycled products. Clothes, objects, furniture, but also computers and electronic devices are beautifully shown in this space, a wonderful homage to the green economy.

Every object they sell here is second-hand, recycled or repaired. By giving a second life to what we normally would throw away, the creators of this mall want to inspire people to live in a sustainable way, respecting the environment and giving life to a circular economy.

I very much appreciate this concept. The circular economy does not tolerate waste. What had a certain function in the past, can have a new one in the future, and in this way we can obtain a new and useful object for free.

As they say on the website of the ReTuna Recycling Gallery, sustainability is exactly this: “having more with the resources we already have”.

The tailors of the Cooperativa NewHope of Caserta know this well. The Angelo Affinita Foundation has been sustaining this project for years with enthusiasm. In the tailoring workshops, the women of the co-op make household linen, objects and bags, using the beautiful fabrics of their countries.

Nothing is wasted, not even a small piece of fabric, because “all waste can bloom”.

The brooches made by the tailors of NewHope have become the symbols of this association. They are beautiful, little flowers of cloth, made with the waste that comes from the manufacturing of other products, and which have a new life by making a coat, a sweater or some other article of clothing nice and special.

At the Cooperativa NewHope the orsoline nuns give new life to fabrics, but most of all to persons. The philosophy of recycling and new use is the main value which leads their work on the territory.

This center welcomes migrant women who are victims of human trafficking. These young women – most of them are more children, than women – leave their African countries ravaged by wars, with the hope of a future in their hearts. But they find death.

Many of the tailors who now work in the co-op left their countries trusting the promises of ruthless people, who had in mind only one future for them: that of sexual slavery, on the Italian streets.

“Come in Italy, I’ll give you a house and a job”. “I know nice people who can help you finding a job to give money to your family”. “You’ll be fine here, and your family could join you in no time”.

Lies, all lies. After dangerous travels, on derelict boats, these women think they’ll reach their saviors, but they find their torturers.

They live their days in this way – selling their bodies on the streets, victims of physical violence from their masters, and trying to pay a debt that will never have an end.

The Cooperativa NewHope welcomes these young, broken lives and their children, and repairs the parts of their souls which have been ruined by an inhuman and unjust life. Here they find a safe house where to live and start a new life for them and for their children, following the philosophy of a human and social recycling.

In the tailoring workshops of the co-op, these women learn how to sew and manufacture clothes, household linen, objects and bags that are sold both in the shop of the association, and online. Their creations are amazing and full of the colors of the countries they are from.

In fact, NewHope only uses the finest fabrics of the territory, made by artisans – like the San Leucio silk – and traditional African fabrics, like the African wax.

The Angelo Affinita Foundation needs your help to give a future to this project, which has had incredible results. The bags of NewHope have been around the world, as well as the stories of the women who, thanks to this association, could start a new life. Books, articles on the New York Times and several little handmade tailoring workshops run by these young tailors were born from this project.

You have a unique occasion in your hands. In one move, you can support a project that is good for our planet and helps these young women, who have had terrible lives and deserve a future full of joy and professional satisfactions. Not everyone could start a small revolution, but YOU CAN DO IT.

The Cooperativa NewHope is  a new project, which looks at the future and which has incorporated the philosophy of recycling, because every person – like every object – even if broken and ruined by painful experiences, can find a new function and LIVE AGAIN.

Angelo Affinita used to say: “A single person can make a difference”.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make a difference? CLICK HERE.

A web page will open so you can give your decisive contribution to the projects of the Foundation and choose how to help us through a free-will donation or buying the book dedicated to Angelo.

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