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Casa do Menor – Angelo Affinita Foundation
  • The First Foundation For Business People That Helps Young People And Children In Difficulty Through Work And Education

Casa do Menor

We help and support needy children in their home country where they would otherwise be easy prey for drugs, prostitution and violence.
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What does Casa do Menor Do?

We’ve constructed some “family homes” towelcome the meninos de rua of Father Renato Chiera in Brasile. We have contributed to the maintenance and development of the “family houses”through long-distance adoption.

The “Casa do menor” is a family house where cultural and sport activities take place. There are medical clinics as well as a school: today there are ten houses. Among these: 4 of them are near Rio and one near Fortaleza, the last center to be completed is in Igarrassu. Since 1996, we’ve had a “Casa do menor” in Italy, in Villanova, Mondovì.

15.000 children have been saved in Father Renato’s houses. The graphic below shows the funds raised for the house ONG from 2001 to 2003 from Angelo and Rosanna Dora Affinita and from 2003 together with AGAPE ONLUS and Angelo Affinita Foundation Onlus.

What we’ve done tank to your contributions

  • Objectives

Welcome, sustain, help needy children to live and become auto sufficient in their home country, among their people and their traditions where they would otherwise not have had a chance to do so or would become easy prey for drugs, prostitution and exploitation.

  • Results
  • in 2001-2002 professional development course held at Miguel Couto central office (courses in car mechanics, carpentry, iron work, hairdresser, beautician and IT)
  • IT courses held in the Fortaleza and Rosas dos Ventos Center
  • purchase of machinery for micro-entrepreneurs in artistic fields for making handbags, laboratory in the center of Fortaleza
  • construction of, restructure of, maintenance of the new center is Igarassu, which has been re-baptized, “CASA ANGELO”

Operation Hope

The project supports Casa Andrè in Tinguà. Its aim isto improve the structures in the 5 states where “Casa do menor” is present, with a focus on qualified personnel and professionalism to help recovering drug addicts enter the working world.The qualifications of the technical equip help improve the five action areas typical to the “Present” pedagogy for youth recovering from crack or other addictions:

  • family life in the drug addiction recovery houses;
  • food preparation for guests and regular street interventions;
  • education and professional training as an alternative to narco-trafficking and criminality;
  • artistic and sport development in poli-functional areas of “Casa do Menor” and in vulnerable communities;
  • socio-cultural education after rehabilitation for drug addiction and work integration

The project also involves the collaboration of local authorities to prevent drugs through seminars, conferences and with an informational campaign in the schools and community.

What we’ve done tank to your contribution

  • Objectives

Reinforce and improve the Casa do Menor centers ONG in Brazil for the prevention and rehabilitation ofchildren and youth who have fallen victim to drugs.

  • Results
  • € 40.000 in the first year
  • yearly center maintenance with the co-financing from the European Union forat least 3 years and without limits aslong as the prevention of drug use requires a socio-cultural change with an extended transition phase
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