• The First Foundation For Business People That Helps Young People And Children In Difficulty Through Work And Education


An initiative in for the Study Center “Nolanga” of Yaoundé, capital of Cameron and the Cultural Center “Lobéké” of Douala. It’s part of an ample integral training program (human, professional, cultural and morale) for the youth in Cameron.
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A social initiative that aims to:

  • encourage young people to work for the good of their poor neighbors
  • improve the living conditions and the general health of the local population through medical cures, scholastic support and children’s games and didactic material
  • train educators, teachers and students at secondary school, universities and rural areas how to use a computer
  • provide assistance for the development of the community through the construction of new schools, clinics and churches

What we’ve done so far tank to your contributions

Diocese Welcome Center
  • Objectives
  • move the wooden ex cappella
  • smooth out part of the land
  • install 3 panels in the attic
  • paint internal and external walls in the church
  • render two walls
  • Results
  • installation of three finished panels in the attic
  • construction and relocation of bridge
  • sanding of the roof and lining of the cappella
Scholastic support and animation for children
  • Objectives
  • children’s games and didactic material
  • distribution of scholastic materials (pens, notebooks, etc)
  • Results
  • 25 participants in the scholastic support program and childrens’ educational games
  • distribution of materials
Scuola elementare di Yassoukou
  • Objectives
  • create hygenic services for teachers and students
  • varnish the hardware
  • paint the roons and repair the roof
  • buy desks and chairs for the rooms
  • Results
  • building installation
  • foundation
New Church for Yassoukou
  • Objectives
  • prepare concrete and mortar
  • supply water for construction
  • foundation
  • Results
  • preparation/flattening of the land
  • construction of 6 pillars
  • manutention of access road
Health Campaign
  • Objectives
  • medical visits for over 500 people
  • supplì doctors with needed instruments
  • educate population on health matters
  • Results
  • medical visit for 320 people with an average of 46 patients a day
IT Caravan
  • Objectives
  • Offer basic it courses for the use of computer to 40 students CETIC (College for technical, industrial and commercial studies) SONG Mongue and CES (College of Secondary Education)
  • Results
  • children are now able to: turn on and off a computer, manage files, open Microsoft word and insert and format a text
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