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“Saving Children Means Saving the Present and Future of Humanity”: Father Renato’s Struggle Against The Violence of Brazil Continues (And You Can Decide Who Will Win!)

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Each one of us lives by one’s own rules and motto. Surely, you have yours too. A motto that inspires you and leads you to the right direction to follow, both in your family and work. For instance.

If you’re a businessman, maybe your motto is “always do your best and don’t give up”. This is the idea you wake up every the morning with and thanks to which you find the strength to reach higher goals, for your company and your employees. It’s a great motto, but there’s one that can lead you further.

“Saving children means saving the present and future of humanity”. You will wonder: what does it have to do with me? Before telling you, I want to tell you the story that stays behind this idea. In this way, you will understand that it has lots to do with your own life.

Protecting children from the violence of a life on the streets has been Father Renato’s aim for more than 30 years. From when he left Mondovì to be a priest in the Brazilian favelas, a world that hides lots of beauty, but also pain.

In Brazil, Father Renato listened to the cry for help and saved from death more than 100.000 people. Children victims of abandonment and child prostitution; young drug addicts; young mothers and meninos de rua. A huge group of people who live on the margins, forgotten by everyone.

These children are the future not only of Brazil, but of humanity. This is why I would like you to join the family of the Affinita Foundation, which for years has supported the Casa do Menor.

The Affinita Foundation is a business foundation constituted by businessmen like you, who share the common wish to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And to make a better world using their own skills.

The projects we support have three things in common:

  • They help children and young people with difficult lives to stand on their own feet thanks to education, vocational training and psychological help
  • They focus on the young ones, because children are our future and it’s important to value their talents
  • They create long-lasting benefits, because they found the basis for the rebirth of these children, who grow stronger and can cultivate their skills

Among the many projects supported by the Foundation, Casa do Menor is the one which needs more of your help. Brazil is the most violent country in the world and many associations are now at risk of ending their important service.

Casa do Menor is the only hope for thousands of people who live in the favelas and the Brazilian cracolandie, that is in the neighborhoods inhabited by drug addicts.

Here, Father Renato welcomes meninos de rua and young people who can join activities that help them live a different childhood and a different life:

  1. Kindergartens and elementary schools for street children, who have access to education and therefore can found the basis to fulfill their dreams and have a whole and happy adult life
  2. Vocational training for young people, who can leave the streets and find a job
  3. Psychological help for young drug addicts and mothers, who can find strength and believe in their talents, in order to stand on their own feet again
  4. Cultural and entertaining activities like theater and music, to develop a sense of community and bring some happiness to children who have never had the chance to have a normal childhood

With the help of virtuous businessmen, The Affinita Foundation supported many vocational trainings, the rehab project “Operation Hope” for young drug addicts, and the building of one of the headquarters of Casa do Menor, called Casa Angelo.

If you believe that the future is in the hands of young people, than you’ll know that Father Renato’s motto is yours too. In different ways, you’re fighting the same battle.

Every time you help one of your young employees reach a new goal, think about Father Renato’s children and choose to make a difference for them too! Together we can give a future to them, and to our own society.

Become a virtuous businessman of the Angelo Affinita Foundation and donate your help today!

Angelo Affinita used to say: “A single person can make a difference”.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make a difference? CLICK HERE.

A web page will open so you can give your decisive contribution to the projects of the Foundation and choose how to help us through a free-will donation or buying the book dedicated to Angelo.



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