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Awarded By the President of the Chamber of Deputies Laura Boldrini the “Weavers of New Hopes” of Casa Rut and the Cooperativa NewHope

Once upon a time there was a little woman, brave as a lioness. She arrived in Caserta in 1995, and she discovered a territory held hostage by unemployment, camorra, environmental degradation and several illegal activities. One of which was sex slaves trafficking. One street shocked her in particular: the Domiziana Street in Castel Volturno. This…

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If You Want to Combat Waste and You Believe in the Green Economy, Read This: You Have the Chance To Do Something Unique

Some days ago a new and unique shopping mall was inaugurated in Stockholm. The ReTuna Recycling Gallery is a mall with 14 shops and an organic, farm-to-table restaurant, where they only sell recycled products. Clothes, objects, furniture, but also computers and electronic devices are beautifully shown in this space, a wonderful homage to the green…

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