• The First Foundation For Business People That Helps Young People And Children In Difficulty Through Work And Education

Where weare involved

In Italy:

  • Project “Creativity” – Juvinal Penale Institute in Airola (BN);
  • Project “When I’m big I’m going to” – Competition “Economy and Savings” – Districs and community in the province of Benevento – Valle Caudina;
  • Project “Casa do Menor” – Villanova – Mondovì;
  • Project “alk about solidarity” – Al lover Italy.

In Romania:

  • ProjectWhen I’m big I’m going to” – Scholarships for 5 worthy young students – Seminary of the Honest.

In Brasil:

  • Project “Casa do Menor” – Rio, Fortaleza e Igarrassu.

In Africa:

  • Project “Social Ndogmbiang-Edea” – Cameroon.