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“The man makes a difference,” listen to the moving testimonial of someone who has REALLY experienced it at first hand

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Yes, this article wasn’t easy to write.

It’s not easy for the Foundation team, as it’s not easy to read for the many Angelo’s employees, still devoted and grateful to him.

So today, I want to share this video with you: the great actress Nunzia Schiano, who plays the mother of the hilarious Alessandro Siani in Benvenuti al Sud and Benvenuti al Nord movies, reads the touching letter that Angelo Affinita’s employees wrote him when he left us.

In the video, you will hear some of the expressions that marked Angelo’s private and professional life, his true legacy to his employees and his company.

Here one of the most beautiful ones, in my opinion: he wanted to SEE AMBITIONS AND DREAMS FLYING TOGETHER.

Ambitions and dreams flying together, think about it. Isn’t it the first rule of a successful man? Isn’t it the preferential way to be held in high esteem by your own employees?

Angelo believed that the workplace must be a nice place, where ideas could flow freely and where, thanks to work, dreams could come true.

That’s why he spent his life pursuing real help. One of the first in Italy, he understood that charity and welfarism are not an appropriate solution to help who really needs it.

So enjoy the video below, enjoy it as something precious, something that could actually change your idea of business and work ethic.

One section always impresses me more than anything, because it describes qualities that not just Angelo, but every entrepreneur should possess to be truly great:

“Honesty, integrity, there are so many words we could use to describe your personality […] but among all, one was predominant: the tenacity in believing in those projects that, once become reality, allowed you to create a business group that is source of pride.”

This letter is one of the greatest displays of affection I’ve ever witnessed, it moves me and makes me personally proud.

“The people make the business grow,” people like the many men and women that, with your contribution, we helped making this a better place.

Angelo Affinita’s heritage, everything he built, it was for our charity work, for our Foundation, our main beacon, the big fire that illuminates our actions.

It’s not just about respect and esteem, but it’s kind of a habit, the crazy desire to

“See ambitions and dreams flying together.”

Angelo Affinita used to say, “The man makes a difference.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make a difference? CLICK HERE. A web page will open so you can give your decisive contribution to the Foundation’s projects and choose how to help us, through a free-will donation or buying the book dedicated to my father.

If you are an entrepreneur, there is also the opportunity to be contacted directly by the Foundation and find out how to grow your business by helping others.



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