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The secret to earning more by helping others listen to this testimony - Angelo Affinita Foundation

The secret to earning more by helping others: listen to this testimony…

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“Today an advanced industry group cannot be defined so if it doesn’t respect, not only the economic parameters, but also the social ones.”.

I might add: an industrial group, but a freelancer too, all the little and the medium entrepreneurship nd whoever who is entrepreneur to himself. Today it is crucial to care, not only for the financial aspects of our business, but for our neighbors in need asking for help every day.

The social responsibility of an enterprise is also this: to help others to walk on their own legs. It’s the only way to help those in need and – at the same time – to help ourselves too. Because the secret to earning more money is to provide tangible help to our fellow man.

You have to be selfish, do good! 🙂

Listen to the testimony of Massimiliano Farina Briamonte, one of many people who already supportsAngelo Affinita Fondation. Will you be the next?

Giovanni Affinita

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