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The world is a better place thanks to this man too, find out why. TAKE A LOOK AT THE VIDEO - Angelo Affinita Foundation | Angelo Affinita Foundation
  • The First Foundation For Business People That Helps Young People And Children In Difficulty Through Work And Education

The world is a better place thanks to this man too, find out why. TAKE A LOOK AT THE VIDEO

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In this video that I’m proposing, today you can listen to Giovanni Zoppoli, the Mammut Territorial Center coordinator of Scampia, that managed to overcome the critical moment of the Italian social sector, thanks to the help of the Angelo Affinita Foundation.

The Italian welfare system is in crisis. So there is only one big solution: the intervention of private citizens.

People strongly believing in structural projects which do not waste money. Projects that create good which can generate further good. A virtuous circle. A possible virtuous circle.

In fact this is a critical moment for those wanting to start to invest in society, but we must go on, persuaded of the worth of projects and ideas.

Perhaps it is being stubborn. Does it seem stupid to you?

I think it isn’t, but on the contrary, in a moment like this, it is even more important to contribute.

Giovanni Zoppoli’s words are a glaring testimony to that. But before letting you listen to them, I’ll give you just a few facts.

The Foundation in these three years has invested in Mammut Territorial Center that has managed to renew itself and to give rise to other projects: one of these is the Mammutbus.

Mammutbus is a project dedicated to Neapolitan children, to promote the exchange and integration among multiple neighborhoods through games.

It is a ludic-bus, a bus that transports games and everything needed for street festivals and training programs. So, through playing, we aim to teach children a different way of development. Starting from the road, making it a place of celebration and education.

Many neighborhood children are trained in the streets, so it is right to start from the street to take them back to school, to find a different way to train them, to make them stand on their legs.

This is why five schools and more than two hundred children have already been involved since the camper has bought and dozens of artistic and educational workshops in schools have been promoted.

Listen carefully to Giovanni Zoppoli testimony, a man who made and is making the difference for many children and young people.

My father used to say “it’s the man that makes the difference”.

Do we want to try, together, to make a difference? CLICK HERE. A web-site page will open and you can give your decisive contribution to the Foundation’s projects, choose how to help us, through a free donation or buying the book dedicated to my father.

If you are an entrepreneur, there is also the opportunity to be contacted directly by the Foundation and find out how to grow your business by helping others.

Giovanni Affinita


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