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There is a concrete possibility for you to do good and you are at a crossroads: WHICH WAY ARE YOU GOING TO GO?

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You heard me. You’re in front of a crossroads.

You can choose to push only one of two buttons. One is red and the other is blue. WHAT DO YOU DECIDE?

Before proceeding, I imagine you’ll want to know what happens if you push one or the other.

I also ask myself frequently what would happen if doing good for someone depended only on my choice, like one of those American movies where they have to untangle the wires to disactivate a bomb.

So, I’m asking you. Here are your two options. Let’s start with the RED BUTTON:

If you choose the red button you can quit reading this right now and do not continue. Under your button is written the phrase, “Everything is fine the way it is”. The man who chooses this option will not be conditioned or influenced by those living a life worse than his. He is usually one who looks and keeps moving.

If, on the other hand you have a remarkable sensitivity, if you believe that this world could be better I’d advise you to press the BLUE BUTTON.

Push it then and come follow me on this adventure.

I’m telling you that there are desperate men in this world, courageous men and women forced to live hardships in their native countries. Many African women among these desperate people leave their homes with a malnourished newborn baby in their arms or while pregnant.

But, if you’re a “blue button man” you already know this. You know it and you’re looking for a solution to stop this massacre.

I’m talking to you about women and children without a future. The same ones you see on any tv news segment. Nobody likes this situation, and still, it exists.

You have control and under the blue button is written, “The world needs little refuges. The world needs Casa di Rut.”

“Casa di Rut” is a project run by the orsoline sisters with its headquarters in Caserta. Their aim is to be a place of first reception for these desperate women and their children, to sustain them economically (with contributions earmarked for preschool or housing for example) for a period ranging from 6 months to a year.

Every year, Casa di Rut takes tens and tens of women and their children off the streets saving them from criminality and prostitution and teaches them how to make it on their own.

Sounds good, right?

That’s the reason why the Angelo Affinita Foundation has decided to push the blue button, because Casa di Rut gives these women the chance to make it. Because it helps these mothers face a difficult bureaucratic process in becoming legal.

These young women learn a trade. A real trade which puts them into a virtuous circle that consents these mothers and their children economic independence.

The job done by these sisters which is currently home to 8 young women: 5 in Casa di Rut (one with a young child, 2 pregnant and 2 alone) and 3 in an apartament in via Leonardo da Vinci in Caserta-never ceases to amaze us.

That’s why I am living you this remote control: RED BUTTON-BLUE BUTTON. It depends on the man. IT DEPENDS ON YOU.

My father used to say “it’s the man that makes the difference”.

Do we want to try, together, to make a difference? CLICK HERE. A web-site page will open and you can give your decisive contribution to the Foundation’s projects, choose how to help us, through a free donation or buying the book dedicated to my father.

If you are an entrepreneur, there is also the opportunity to be contacted directly by the Foundation and find out how to grow your business by helping others.

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