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This Project Gives A Job and A Different Life To The Young People of The Brazilian Favelas

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Casa do Menor.

These words by themselves are enough to make you smile, aren’t they?

Padre Renato Chiera comes to mind, with his strong faith and his passion. Then you think about the young volunteers – many of them leave Italy to put themselves out there and donate themselves to help the children of the Brazilian favelas.

Then you think about them, the children. Too young to carry such painful stories on their backs. Stories of violence, abuses and poverty.

Together with the adolescents and drug addicts of the crackcolandia, children are the main victims of the social crisis that is devastating Brazil, starting from the outskirts.

Brazil is the most violent country in the world.

It is estimated that every minute one person gets killed. One every minute, can you think about that? Among the trash of the crackolandia, in the shacks of the favelas, on the promenade of Fortaleza, where sexual tourism causes victims under ten years of age.

There is nothing to smile about when you look at the other side of Brazil. Actually, you just want to look the other way and forget.

But despite the many difficulties, forty years ago a light came up, which is still shining today in the sea of violence that floaded Brazilian streets. This light is the Casa do Menor.

As Padre Renato said during the ceremony where the maire of Nuova Iguaçu gave him the “Mozione di congratulazione e applause” to express the gratitude of the city:

“Casa do Menor is an answer to the cry of young people and children, and now also of the people on the streets. We have to listen to this cry. It’s the cry of violence that tells us that our society is sick, people are sick, and so are our children”.

Casa do Menor hasn’t only welcomed and helped the children of the streets. It has created a new way to look at and understand our society.

Where there is desperation, addiction and violence, there is often the need to be loved, welcomed and listened to.

In his speech, Padre Renato went on saying:

 “To face violence, people often choose to use violence, but we are showing a different path. Violence is the cry of those who don’t feel loved and can’t see a future hope. We answer them giving them a family, love, means and God, to help them building their future and becoming the protagonists of their own life. We do all this through foster homes, through work in the communities of the most fragile areas and through vocational courses, play, sport, artistic and cultural activities and the program Jovem Aprendiz, that help young people enter the job market”.

Where there is work, there is also a real opportunity to be born again.

This is why the Angelo Affinita Foundation has supported the Casa do Menor in Brazil for many years.

Padre Renato and the volunteers don’t offer forms of welfarism, but means that value and foster the talents of children and young people.

To fight drug addiction, poverty, abandonment and violence you don’t need a warm meal.

You need schools, vocational courses, psychological support and social rehabilitation programmes. You need a light that guides you through life.

Together with the businessment who support the Foundation, in these years we have been able to:

  1. Finance several projects and vocational courses in the centers of Miguel Couto, Fortaleza and Rosas dos Ventos
  2. Build the center of Igarassu, now known as Casa Angelo
  3. Support the project Operazione Speranza, which help drug addicts to rehabilitate and help young people to integrate in society and find a job

Thanks to the Casa do Menor and to the businessmen who are supporting it with the Angelo Affinita Foundation, in the last 32 years almost 50.000 young people have found a job.

Can you see how great this result is? You can hardly believe it!

But it’s true. This demonstrates that valuable projects can really change things. This is why you absolutely have to support of Casa do Menor!

The Affinita Foundation fully give the donations to the projects it supports.

This means that you can be certain that your contribution will turn into a REAL HELP to the children and young people of Brazilian favelas.

Changing things is not impossible, but you need brave people to do it!

Become today a supporter of the Affinita Foundation. Together we can help the Casa do Menor giving a different future to the young people of Brazil.

Angelo Affinita used to say: “A single person can make a difference”.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make a difference? CLICK HERE.

A web page will open so you can give your decisive contribution to the projects of the Foundation and choose how to help us through a free-will donation or buying the book dedicated to Angelo.

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