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"Through love and passion, you obtain astounding results" Rosanna De Lucia is awarded the Cavaliere del Lavoro title | Angelo Affinita Foundation
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“Through love and passion, you obtain astounding results” Rosanna De Lucia is awarded the Cavaliere del Lavoro title

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Rosanna De Lucia was awarded the Cavaliere del Lavoro[1] title, thanks to her entrepreneurial, human and philanthropic achievements. This acknowledgement was also the result of the activities of the Angelo Affinita Foundation, which offers concrete opportunities to young people facing social and economic difficulties.  It shows that the path we’re going down is the good one. If we act together through love and passion, great results can be achieved

When Mr Angelo Affinita said that a business is a social asset, he knew perfectly well that you can’t reach your objectives on your own but through the cooperation of others.

Every good entrepreneur knows that only in this way is it possible to achieve incredible results for one’s business, for the community around it and beyond.

“A business is a social asset, not a personal asset”.

A simple idea but not to be taken for granted. This sentence guided him as an entrepreneur and was also an inspiration to his wife Mrs. Rosanna De Lucia, President of SAPA and of the Angelo Affinita Foundation.

Why am I telling you about this?

Because on 12th June, Rosanna De Lucia was awarded the Cavaliere del Lavoro title in Rome together with other meritorious and socially responsible Italian entrepreneurs.

This is an extremely important and prestigious acknowledgement for her entrepreneurial, human and philanthropic achievements since the starts in 1975 with her husband Angelo Affinita; this is an acknowledgement of the growth of the SAPA industrial group but also of Rosanna’s human qualities.

As a matter of fact, the first requirement to receive this acknowledgement is to have had an “exemplary civil and social behaviour” in running the business and all the activities connected to it.

Rosanna is a woman that cares for her community, her family and her employees. She considers her company to be more than a production site but an entity with a mission: the mission of putting people at the centre of any action.

“I dedicate this acknowledgement to my husband Angelo, to my beautiful family and to all my co-workers, because only if we are united in love and passion can we achieve astounding results.”

And Rosanna’s human qualities transpired also through the activities that – as we like to think, contributed the most to her receiving this acknowledgement, the activities carried out by the Angelo Affinita Foundation.

The Foundation came into existence as a means of realising the human and spiritual legacy of the late Angelo Affinita and to carry on his work, and it promotes projects of excellence that aim at realising the potential of the community and to give a concrete opportunity to young people facing social and economic difficulties, in Italy and abroad.

Today the Foundation is the best expression of entrepreneurial spirit to be understood as a value to offer to those who are most in need, to those who face hardships, in order to give these people a chance and to put them in the position to go for their dreams.

The title received by Rosanna is certainly an acknowledgement for the activities carried out by the Foundation and for the fellow entrepreneurs and self-employed co-workers that support the Foundation with passion, and it shows that we are on the right path.

How about you? Do you share the values that the Foundation rests on?

Join this large family of enlightened entrepreneurs that are revolutionising the way of doing charity work by bringing in some entrepreneurial spirit.

Angelo Affinita always used to say, “It’s people that make the difference”.

Shall we try – TOGETHER – to make the difference? Please click here

Please do your part to help bring joy and hope back for the children of Scampia: give your contribution now.

Help us save many children from the street and discover how helping others can help your business grow.

[1] Cavaliere del Lavoro, literally “Knight of Labour” is a rank of the “Order of Merit for Labour” and is an Italian decoration given to important figures in industry “who have been singularly meritorious”. [Translator’s note]

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