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[VIDEO] The secret to being esteemed by your employees and making your business an enjoyable place to go

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[VIDEO] The secret to being esteemed by your employees and making your business an enjoyable place to go

Do you remember Nunzia Schiano the “veracious” mother from the film Benvenuti al Sud?

She the one reading the letter from Angelo Affinita’s employees dedicated to him after his death.

SEEING ASPIRATIONS FLYING TOGETHER WITH DREAMS”. How does one come to be esteemed by his employees? How is it possible to transform the workplace into an enjoyable place to go? I’d advise you to watch the moving video below.

I’m doing this because I want to share with you something that particularly moved me, as it did many of our friends who hold the Foundation dear.

In this video, the Neapolitan actress Nunzia Schiano who gained fame with her role in the film Benvenuti al Sud reads a letter that the employees of my father, Angelo Affinita, wanted to dedicate to him after his death.

One part in particular struck me:

Honesty, loyalty, there are many adjectives we could use to describe your personality […]but more than anything, your winning quality was the tenacity with which you believed in your projects transforming them in reality allowed you to create a company you could be proud of”.

This is a great gesture of affection that moves me and makes me proud. I consider this the real work of my father’s entrepreneurial legacy. That tenacity that all of our workers talk about has been the identifying element that he wanted to impress on all his projecrs.

“It’s men that make the company grow”. We have adopted this heritage in the way we manage the Foundation which is dedicated to Angelo Affinita, its projects. Try adding your contribution too, because “Seeing aspirations flying together with dreams” is what counts.

Angelo Affinita always used to say, “It’s the man that makes the difference”.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make the difference? CLICK HERE. A window will open where you can make your decisive contribution to the Foundation’s projects and choose how to help us through a free donation or by purchasing a book dedicated to my father.

If you are a business person you will also have the opportunity to be contacted directly by the Foundation to learn how to grow your business while helping your neighbors.

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