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[VIDEO] There’s no waste that can’t flower. Listen to this story about how doing good leads to more of the same

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This is a story I really love, and I think very quickly you’ll understand why.

It’s the story of courageous women who don’t give up, who refuse to be “thrown away”. It’s a story about flowers, about redemption and newfound dignity. It’s about integration in the territory.

The girl you’ll see in the video I’ve linked here is called Alessandra. She’s one of the powers behind the New Hope Cooperative.

New Hope is a sewing laboratory for job training created by Casa Rut in Caserta, a women’s welcoming center. Since 1995 they have been offering a second chance to women in difficult situations, be it alone or with children as it often happens.

Alessandra started working there as a volunteer and was then hired along with six other girls who have direct experience with Casa di Rut. Three of them are African, two are Eastern European and two are Italian. These women are paid by the cooperative, including time done in internships.

They are really great at what they do technically. They’re able to package products quickly. The industrial machines used were donated to the region, but the credit is theirs for having learned how to use them so quickly.

But it’s the product that’s at the center of the project and our attention. A product made with love and great artistry.

So, I’d like you to really concentrate on what Alessandra is saying when she talks about a little fabric flower that she has in her hand-something made by her co-workers, and the philosophy that stands behind it:

There is no waste that cannot flower. This is the simplicity that can change the world: a little flower, made of fabric and love.

These women have put their pasts behind them, they don’t talk about it and they don’t worry about it. Instead, they are headed toward a bright, full future. They want people to buy their products because they are beautiful and made carefully with dedication, not because they’ve been unlucky in life.


My dad always used to say “The man makes the difference”.

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