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[VIDEO] What’s the AMAZING results of a company that puts people at the center?

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My dad always used to say “The man makes the difference”.

He has taught this to all employees and to all the people who considered him a human and entrepreneurial guide. This is one of “rules” I have learnt: it is fundamental to take care of our own employees.

I tell you again: it is not good thing, it is not good, it is not a correct practice.


In a company, employees first and foremost. Then customers, suppliers …

To have a human relationship with our own employees is fundamental for an entrepreneur. If you care of the firm, if you care about being successful you have to know that one of the fundamental “tricks” is making your own employees go to work smiling.

The capacity to solve small problems that arise in a company, comes from human relations, from the respect for people. My father managed to be a guide in this, from his human and social activity, before business, Angelo Affinita Foundation has sprung.

The result is AMAZING, you can hear it in the words of all those people who support the Foundation (at the beginning you can hear me too, but listen even better to many others who knew my dad ).

Now you can do it too. Put the man at the center of your business and support those who do it every day helping their neighbor.

Giovanni Affinita

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