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What’s the best coffee? The one served at Casapane gives happiness and joy. Find out why!

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A good coffee gives you the right energy to face the day ahead. But the one served at Casapane has something more to it. It gives a second chance to an entire community by supporting young people and their talents. Let this story of a fair business melt your heart. Read the article here


What’s better than a nice coffee to start your day?

According to most Italians, nothing. Coffee is an essential pleasure, an actual ritual that one can’t do without. I think you will agree with me on this, and – even if you are among the few who don’t consider it as essential to begin your workday at your best, you won’t question the widespread love of Italians for this hot drink.

What is more, a survey carried out by Nescafé a couple of years ago on around 4,500 Italians aged between 18 and 65 showed that coffee is people’s preferred morning pleasure, over checking one’s smartphone or even over a kiss by one’s partner!

Who would have thought?

It really sounds incredible. But after all, coffee has exceptional characteristics and its beneficial effects on our bodies are scientifically proven. As a matter of fact, it improves our ability to concentrate, it makes us perform better at work and has positive effects on our mood.

In short, bringing a steaming hot cup of coffee to our lips is a gesture that makes us feel good.

But did you also know that coffee, besides giving you the right energy to start your workday can also do good to other people, too? Yes, you’ve understood correctly: having a simple cup of coffee will make you start your day with a good deed.

Not any good deed. Are you curious to discover in what way? I’ll tell you immediately, but first let me tell you a little about Casapane.


Casapane is a bakery house, a shop that was created upon the initiative of the Angelo Affinita Foundation and with the support of many entrepreneurs like yourself, who believed in this project.  This project aims at creating jobs in Santa Maria a Vico in the Caserta province, an area that is faced with difficulties and where young people struggle to find a job and government institutions are often absent.

We opened this shop in the form of a social enterprise, hence not for profit, and in no time, it became very popular and busy.

Casapane is the place to go at any time of the day: it is an artisanal bakery, a café where you can have a delicious breakfast and where you can have lunch or have an Italian-style aperitif with friends. It is a shop where private events and cultural events can be held and it is a selling point for local producers, who create products of excellence from a land that has so much to offer in terms of good food, produce and wine.

The effort that went into the Casapane project was extensive. And it is now being rewarded with the work that young men and women carry out every day to make sure that everything there is perfect.

It is young people with great talent, who just needed somebody to believe in them and to support them to create a marvellous project. We massively believed in these young people, just like you believe in your employees; we invested in them by giving them the opportunity to do highly professional training courses and by offering them all the means to do their best.

Today Casapane is a team in which every member contributes with all their heart to making the excellent work done by each colleague even greater.  And this with a smile on their faces.

It’s not a fake smile.  It is on the contrary a spontaneous smile that comes from knowing that you’re doing a great job and from the genuine desire to make every customer feel welcome, from the very first morning coffee.

But would you like to know why the coffee at Casapane is so good and does good to others? Let me tell you:

  • Because by enjoying it, you will contribute to make this dream last for these tireless and exceptional young people. As a matter of fact, all the money goes to pay the salaries for the employees and is reinvested in this social enterprise.
  • Because together with you, we will be able to demonstrate that it is possible to give a chance to those who want to do well: thanks to your contribution, the Casapane family will become bigger and prove that a healthy and fair business is possible.
  • Because this coffee is sustainable. It is certified by Fairtrade, an international certifying body for equitable and fair trade.  Fairtrade standards oblige producers to produce in a sustainable way, to rationalise the use of water and energy, to reduce emissions and to protect the local biodiversity, but also to respect the workers and to meet safety standards at production sites.

In short, a tasty coffee that is “good” for all the reasons I listed above.

Would you like to support these exceptional young people just like many entrepreneurs did before you? Would you like to give them a chance to put their talents at the service of an entire community?

By supporting the Angelo Affinita Foundation, you can do that; and not by giving a man a fish, but by offering these young people a concrete opportunity, and they will continue to earn it by doing their best.

It’s young people like Francesco, the Master Baker at Casapane, who gets up very early in the morning to prepare fresh and fragrant bread for all the customers, every day. And who never to ceases to follow new trainings and to improve himself at his work every day.

This is not too different from what you do: as an entrepreneur, you know that nobody gives you anything for free and if you want to be successful you need to put in your best effort.

So, all you have to do is come by Casapane and enjoy a good cup of coffee and all the other nice bakery products. I am sure that you will not regret it, and if you need more information, you can visit the website.

Additionally, if you were intrigued by the story of this special shop that helps people by giving them a second chance through work, you can support the Angelo Affinita Foundation with a donation, like many colleagues are doing.

Donate now to ensure that the dream of the young people of Casapane can go on and to support the many projects that the Angelo Affinita Foundation supports with an entrepreneurial spirit, just like you would do.

Angelo Affinita always used to say, “It’s people that make the difference”.

Shall we try – TOGETHER – to make the difference? Please click here

Please do your part to help bring joy and hope back for the children of Scampia: give your contribution now.

Help us save many children from the street and discover how helping others can help your business grow.


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