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Businessman for Love | Angelo Affinita Foundation
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Businessman for Love


“Angelo Affinita. Businessman for love”

What is the secret of building a company from ZERO in which at the beginning just you and a few collaborators work (or just you alone) to a full-blown company where hundreds of people are happily employed?

Yes, you read right, happily.

SAPA Group is a company that is growing with a strong increase in sales in the last few years. But it wasn’t always like this. Thanks go to the man who really wanted it, dreamed about it and finally, founded it in the 1970’s.

If you too have a business or are a freelance professional, you well know the enormous difficulty involved in starting a business from zero. Bizarre, complicated bureaucracy, high taxation and difficult investments to make.

And just maybe, that’s not even the hardest part. With the strength of will and a lot of courage you can do it.

The biggest challenge is when you have to expand your network of collaborators: hire people, trust and delegate delicate choices to others, depending on trustworthy suppliers, walking together with those who run your company’s machinery-from production to distribution…

It’s not a question of just starting a company from nothing, it’s also a question of establishing those human relationships that, rather than weakening your business will help it to thrive EXPONENTIONALLY.

Think about it: if you have motivated people working with you, people who are happy, proud to be by your side, your company will literally take off. In the contrary situation the risk of failure in a short while is just around the corner.

Yes, that’s because it’s the people who make the difference.

Is there a secret to creating a company like that? Not only to have a successful company, but one where employees are happy and proud to be a part of it.

Yes. There is a secret. A method that works, just take a look at the numbers SAPA Group has put out since its beginning.

You may think: “Angelo Affinita did it alone, with courage and determination, like many in Italy have done. It was a different time”.

That’s true: many people in Italy have been successful in creating their own company from scratch (but how many in these diminutions?). But that’s not the most important thing. How many have been able to do it with staff, suppliers and collaborators who are HAPPY to be part of that business.

Happy, proud, involved. What happened to make this situation different?

It’s true: the company was founded in a time different than the one we’re currently living in, but it’s a company that has not been effected by the crisis. Why?

All of this would seen an enormous task, but it isn’t. It’s a process made up of little steps, little daily gestures. A process made with a very precise business plan in place. A style of doing business that is-especially- also a way of life.

Yes, that’s because you have to add to this that Angelo Affinita always loved and looked after his family.

In fact, you might think that in building a business like the one I’ve described that his family mightbe neglected or set aside.

For Angelo Affinita it WASN’T like that at all. Never, in any sense. If you read what his wife, his children, his grandchildren and closest friends have to say, you’d realize how much love he has given them over the course of his life.

Was he an exceptional man? Certainly.

But still just a man with his faults. A man who left a profound mark that each one of us can follow. Get the same results he did, if not bigger.

Impossible? Absolutely not, it’s his very life that teaches us the opposite.

✓ Se vuoi conoscere qual è il segreto per costruire un’azienda del genere,
✓ if you want to know how to make your collaborators happy (and thereby produce more for themselves and the company),
✓ if you don’t want to miss out on an occasion to do the same thing he did for your life and your business

You will find EXACT ANSWERS in this book..

Angelo Affinita’s life was an example for those who want do business but who have people in their hearts. A true example for those businesspeople who want to grow their companies beyond their dreams.

For those who want a company where people are happy to work for a common cause. For those looking for a precise and DECISIVE way of doing business. It’s a style that changes your playing card helping your business to take off without EVER neglecting those directly affected.

What is this style? A style that brings so much success in both work and personal relationships?

✓ Discover how the choices you make in your personal life affect every aspect of your life, even your professional life.
✓ Discover that distinguishing between private and professional choices is a mistake. Especially if there is a precise style, a precise thought and a heart that governs both.
✓ Discover, finally, what true recognition and gratitude from family, employees, collaborators and suppliers feels like. People who love you and respect you in spite of your defects.

It’s not a question of exaggerating the life of one man, mind you.
It’s simpily the retelling, step by step including his faults and defects.

Angelo Affinita was a man like any other.

He had ironic, friendly and sweet sides. Just like he had some spikes in his character. But he was able to bear fruit also to those, transforming weaknesses into strengths.

Do you really want to discover the secret for having a life and a company like this?

It’s an incredibly important step for you: Discovering a new style of working and managing things can be time consuming. But the results that you will find are so extraordinary that you will be able to say, “it was really worth it”.

Buy Angelo Affinita’s biography.

Not only will you be doing good for yourself, you’ll also being doing for your company and your neighbor.

Yes, your neighbor: every cent you spend on the book will go in its entirety to support projects by The Angelo Affinita Foundation.

What’s more, remember: you are the one who will receive the biggest advantage. You, your collaborators and those closest to you.
Because it’s the man-you yourself-that makes the difference. Buying this book, you will discover the secret to doing more in your life and your business, but not only: also in the lives of those you love.

It’s a CAN’T MISS opportunity.

Do you really want to discover the secret for a company and a life like this?
My father always said, “it’s the man who makes the difference”.
Do we want to prove that – TOGETHER – we make a difference?

Buy the Angelo Affinita biography.

Giovanni Affinita

Do you want to receive the biography, “Angelo Affinita Businessman for love” directly at your home?

Just a few clicks are necessary and a minimum donation of € 40,00 that you can do on-line! Thanks to your contribution we will finance concrete projects in favor of education and the conditions of many children in disadvantaged situations.
The future restarts with us!!

Authors: Alessandro Pagano – Stefano Sabetta

Pages: 160 colored

Price: € 40,00
The profits of the book will go in supporto f projects sustained by the Angelo Affinita Foundation Onlus

Publishing house: Rogiosi, Napoli

For information: Dott.ssa Ines Altieri
Phone +39 0823 959021
e-mail: info@fondazioneangeloaffinita.org