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The magic of words | Angelo Affinita Foundation
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The magic of words

On the occasion of the competition “The Magic of Words”, the participants wrote memories inspired by the life of Angelo Affinita.

“The Lord has wrapped in you all the virtues, making you a extraordinary person in everyday ordinariness.”
Ines Altieri

“Simplicity, modesty, reflection; you could talk to us irritated, with a thousand business and human issues. It was the soul of your acting, in the difficult and turbulent world of industrial civilization. You won soberly, without emphasis. You still win today along with all of us.”
Ufficio amministrazione – Sapa Srl

“In 2005 I met a little big man who could see farther than anyone else. Although he was the shortest, he was able to accumulate more experience, because he faced more problems than anybody else.He was wiser than everyone because he was the leader of everybody.”
Ing. Francesco Carfora – Ufficio analisi Sapa Srl

“There are moments in which you wish an angel relieved you, gave you wings and taught you to fly; can you imagine what life would be like without angels? You will be our angel forever.”
Ing. Enrico Ciniglio – Damag Srl

“Only a life lived for others is a life is worth being lived.”
Giuseppe De Rosa – Sapa Srl

“So many virtues, in a single name: hospitality, nobility of spirit, generosity, enthusiasm, foresight, industriousness.“
Dipendenti – Gamma Srl, Moiano (BN)

“Angelo Affinita was a man who summed up important concepts in few words. ‘Enzo, don’t do as many do, who look at but don’t see…’”
Vincenzo Matarrese – Ufficio acquisti esterni

“The look of someone who has a strong identity, of whom is not afraid of confrontation; of those who are free and not afraid to be open to new opportunities.”
Daniela Nanni – Risorse umane Robotec Srl

“Among human qualities, courage is the first one, because it is the one that guarantees the others. It was his dream, his desire, his strength, his hope, to offer something for the common good. His path was in the light of altruism.”
Vittorio Parente – Direttore stabilimento Gissi (CH)

“To exalt the greatness of the human being, means to be able to mitigate all kinds of suffering in life, thanks to three things: prayer, family and work.”
Pasquale De Rosa

“Goodness is something innate in each of us, but for some, it is the engine of his actions.”
Dipendenti – Sapa Srl, Forchia (BN)

“The deep imagination of a generous, intelligent, charismatic, wise and noble man, through few words, can build good at the service human beings…”
Ing. Beniamino Villacci – Ufficio ricerca e sviluppo Sapa Srl

“Do not close yourself inside your convictions. Learn to listen to others, nothing is obvious, everything is always at stake. Seek the truth always, even when it’s inconvenient: be sincere and never betray trust. Love life, your family, engage yourself in your job but do not take everything too seriously,learn to have fun in what you do as well. Forgive and let yourself be forgiven, be magnanimous and you’ll see that your time will not expire: somebody else, with friends, at work or on other occasions will remember you and will tell many episodes and enterprises in which you were the protagonist.”
Ufficio personale – Sapa Srl

Do we want to try - together - to make the difference?

It is the man to make the difference!

Losing a father is always distressing, but the heritage my father Angelo left me, inspires me every single day of my life.

It is my and my family’s duty to honor his memory, sharing with other entrepreneurs and professionals his example.

My father was used to say: “It’s man to make the difference”.
Do we want to try – together – to make the difference?

Giovanni Affinita