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Why Investing in These Projects Can Lead You to Success (And Fill Your Life With Real JOY!)

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Which is your biggest dream?

If you’re a businessman, I bet your dream is leading your company to success. Every businessman hopes to reach biggest results, broaden his company and be someone truly successful.

The good news are that you know you can fulfill this dream. You also know it will require commitment and hard work. But life has taught you that if you don’t make sacrifices, you won’t reach the stars.

You’ve invested in yourself and in your education. You’ve spent hours in your office, instead of going out and having fun. It all comes with the dream of becoming a successful businessman. You’ve made a conscious decision and now you enjoy the results of your work.  

Isn’t it one of the biggest satisfactions there are? I think so.

This is why it makes me so sad to think about so many young people who will never have the chance to feel that satisfaction.

I’m talking about the many children and young people in need, who live in difficult social and economic situations. They live on the outskirts of towns, in the poorest neighborhoods of the cities or in the areas which have been hardly struck  by the economic crisis.

Many of them don’t have the opportunity to continue their studies and have access to higher education. In other words: they are deprived of the possibility to reach and fulfill their dreams.

This situation is catastrophic for our society. Not only this! Also for our economy.

You don’t need me to tell you that, because you know it: investing in people’s talents is important.

Creating value and focusing on the needs of the people is the best way to start an economic and social development that involves the whole community.

For this reason, for years the Angelo Affinita Foundation has supported Io da grande sarò, which involves several projects that help children and young people in difficult economic situations through education and professional training.

For instance:

  • For years the Affinita Foundation has been supporting the young students of the Seminary of Onesti, in Romania. Thanks to scholarships donated by the foundation, many talented students can attend the high school of the seminary and complete their education.


  • Every year the Angelo Affinita Foundation donates scholarships to young talented graduates, to give them the opportunity to have access to the Masters of the IPE Business School in Naples. This collaboration has brought to amazing results: 100% of employed students after 5 months from the end of their courses!



  • The National Music Competition “Città di Airola”. The scholarships of the foundation give to young players the chance to continue their education and value their musical talent.

In these years, the Affinita Foundation has helped hundreds of children and young people to reach their goals, giving them concrete opportunities and means to do it.

Today those children and those kids are successful adults. People that, like you, had the freedom to value their skills and follow their dreams.

Only you can understand how important is to invest in the future of young people. This is why I’m asking you an act of bravery.

Today you can choose to become a donator of the Angelo Affinita Foundation. This is not an unimportant choice. It requires commitment and a sense of responsibility. But I can tell you this:

Your life will be filled with real joy.

If you stake your business skills and your desire to donate in support of the Foundation projects, TOGETHER we could change the lives of many children and young people in need.

And if you’re still wondering if this is the right thing to do, here there are two more good reasons to do it!

  1. The projects sustained by the Affinita Foundation are chosen by a team of businessmen. These projects create value and invest in the talents of people, who can therefore become independent.
  2. Every cents donated to the Foundation is entirely devolved to the projects, not to the Foundation itself.

The future of your company depends on the educational and professional chances given to talented young people.

DONATE TODAY! Not only your company will profit from that, but you’ll also give to children in need the freedom to fulfill their dreams.

Angelo Affinita used to say: “A single person can make a difference”.

Do we want to try – TOGETHER – to make a difference? CLICK HERE.

A web page will open so you can give your decisive contribution to the projects of the Foundation and choose how to help us through a free-will donation or buying the book dedicated to Angelo.

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