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Why should we be making differences when we can make the difference? The words of Pope Francis contain a teaching for entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs very often are faced with the task of solving issues.

To tell the truth, some days it seems like this is the main task for an entrepreneur, as they are confronted with many issues coming from within and from outside the business.

On the other hand, any good entrepreneur knows that dealing with a different issue every day is a very good sign because it means that the business is active and is growing. And that, quite paradoxically, it is more reassuring to deal with a new issue than having to face the same old problem every day.

Whether the issues you have to face are new or old, solving them is your responsibility. A responsibility towards your employees, your clients and suppliers. But also, towards your family and society at large. These are all people that trust you, your decisions and your abilities. And this is something that makes you happy and it’s one of the most beautiful things about your work. But it’s also an onerous thing, don’t you think?

Yesterday I came across the words uttered by Pope Francis a couple of days ago in response to the questions asked by the students and teachers of the archiepiscopal “Collegio San Carlo” in Milan. So, his words were not addressed directly at entrepreneurs. However, they seem addressed to entrepreneurs who, like you, work every day to improve the world around them, one little piece at a time.

A student asked the Pope a question in relation to the wars that scourge the world. “If there are wars in the world – replied the Pope – it is because someone sells weapons to kill children, to kill people. God does not make differences or favourites among people, but we create differences among them.”

Then the speech of the Holy Father covered the topic of social responsibility: we all have responsibility towards our neighbour, all of us, not just those who cause or fuel wars and profit from other people’s suffering.

“As to the fact that there are people who live in poverty, hungry children and differences among people: It is not God that wants all this, but the differences are created by this unfair economic system in which there are few or many rich people with a lot of money and many poor people who have nothing. It is us, with this unfair economic system, that create differences, and that make children go hungry.”

Very harsh words indeed, and they remind us of how important our daily choices and our daily actions are. Most of all, they remind us of the importance of the decisions that an entrepreneur like you makes: every day, you can choose to solve an issue and hence improve the lives of those around you, or to do nothing.

The task of an entrepreneur is precisely to dream a different world, a better world where a child who was born in rich Europe and one born in Africa or Brazil have the same opportunities. A world where everyone can have and create development and employment opportunities. A world without people who “make differences” but with people who make the difference! 

At the Angelo Affinita Foundation this is our guiding principle, and the words that Angelo used to say – It is people that make the difference – are a cornerstone for our actions. Many entrepreneurs like yourself are aware of this and support us every day in implementing beautiful projects to give opportunities, dignity and a future to many people around the world.

For example, to the children in Brazil who thanks to the Casa do Menor and Father Renato Chiera can learn a trade and build a future for themselves. Or the young women that Sister Rita Giarretta saved from the slavery of prostitution and that thanks to Casa Rut can now start to live and thrive again.

But also, the children of Scampia, of the Sanità district of Naples and of many other disadvantaged areas in Italy that started to smile again thanks to projects like the Casa dei Cristallini or the Mammut Community Centre. Or like the young people who have had drug related issues in the past and who can now begin a new life in one of the many New Horizons Communities around the world.

These (and many more) are projects that are implemented in the same way that you would do in your business: with an entrepreneurial attitude and with the determination to make the difference for other people.  Not just by offering people a hot meal or a bed, but by loving them and giving them a second chance.

Would you like to make the difference for your neighbour? If you feel that your social responsibility does not end past the door of your office, join our group of enlightened entrepreneurs that support the projects of the Angelo Affinita Foundation.

Angelo Affinita always used to say: “It’s people that make the difference”.

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