Casa di Rut

A home to welcome all those young migrant women, alone or with children, who are fleeing from situations of great hardship and exploitation.

In Caserta, Casa di Rut was founded in 1995, a first reception facility where young women can find a second chance through an integration process: medical care, regularization of their migrant status, learning the Italian language, socialization, and job training.

The Ursuline Sisters take care of migrant women who are alone (or with children) seeking refuge from situations of violence and exploitation, providing them with concrete opportunities for work, recovery, and social integration. Because there is no waste that cannot bloom.

Since 2015, the Angelo Affinita Foundation has chosen to support Casa di Rut and its residents, especially through the "Adopt a mother with her child" project, dedicated to young pregnant women or those with small children who have found refuge from severe situations of violence or exploitation. Assistance is provided through a contribution - every six months - that covers the necessary expenses for a dignified life for the mother and, at the same time, an educational and growth path for the child.

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