Santa Maria a Vico (2018 – on going)

The project

Casapane is an opportunity, rebirth, and gathering place: a social enterprise, a symbolic place of rebirth and integration, hospitality and sharing.

It's a shop where you can feel at home, both for those who work there and for those who visit. Born out of the need to revitalize the area, it has trained and provided job opportunities for many young people, giving them new chances.

It offers a culinary proposal ranging from a sweet breakfast to a delicious snack, and even a dinner with local products, where goodness and freshness are guaranteed by an artisanal and in-house preparation process.

It's not just a place to enjoy delicious meals but also a space to spend time, organize events, and present cultural events.


  • Create jobs and promote the local economy
  • Promote local products
  • Create a gathering place for young people
  • Provide the opportunity for personal expression and enrichment


  • 10 individuals trained and employed


n 2017, there was the will on the part of the Angelo Affinita Foundation to build a project aimed at providing education, employment, and social inclusion to young people in need within the community.
The project idea led to the establishment of a Social Enterprise Xenia Srl, with the opening of its first store, Casapane on October 2, 2018, providing full-time employment to 15 young individuals facing social and economic challenges..

Today, Casapane produces and distributes, through its bakery and retail store in the province of Caserta, savory and sweet baked goods, fresh and dry pastries, bread, and pizza.
There is a space dedicated to the consumption and sale of products, a coffee corner, and a restaurant.

  • Where? Santa Maria a Vico
  • Partner: Xenia srl Impresa sociale

What we have accomplished thanks to your contribution

In the year 2019, the project involved the implementation of various actions aimed at streamlining the structure and improving product quality. Specifically, management and operational costs were reduced, promotional communication and marketing campaigns were structured and initiated, customer satisfaction ratings were monitored, and production quality was enhanced. Additionally, this year, we provided employees with professional and industry-specific training programs.

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